5 Things Only A Guy Who Truly Loves You Will Do

If your man fits into the image we’ve painted below, then your one lucky lady, because only a guy who truly love you can do this 5 things.


And you’d be playing yourself if you let go of a man who fits the image painted with the list below.

1. He Listens

Players often fail at this. They listen up to a point just to get the sex going since that’s all they’re after anyway.

If he likes you, he’ll listen, and even proud you to hear the contents of your mind. He pays keen attention to you and remembers details of conversations had.

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Maybe not all though, but hey, he remembers a lot.

2. Takes your advice

Certain men will go out of their way to avoid your advice, especially if you’re always volunteering information and telling him why he’s mistaken.

Many guys tend to resent a woman telling them what to do.

So If he sets his ego aside every time you offer advice, and even puts decisions on hold to hear your opinion every time, it could mean that he really likes you.

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3. Doesn’t hit and run

Yeah, he’ll want to have sex with you at some point [pre or post wedding] but it’s not just about the sex.

So he won’t ghost on you after getting it. He wants to be committed to you.

4. Those inconveniences say something

If he’s enduring inconveniences, making sacrifices, shifting his ground to accommodate you and conceding compromises.

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This could be yet another sign that he likes you and wants something more than hanging out, chilling and catching temporary thrills.

5. Spends time with you

Not in the sense of being with you for 24 hours or wanting to be near you all the time.

But if he likes you, spending time with you will be one of the things he looks forward to all the time.

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