Diddy Exposed By Danity Kane: Slut-Shamed & Being Called “Too Dark” & “Ugly”

The ladies air out the details of their personal experiences.

Danity Kane has regrouped for a new chapter in their career. As they promote their upcoming shows, the women were asked about their relationship with their mentor, Sean “Diddy” Combs. After having talked about the neglect they endured, the ladies offer new revelations about Puff’s attitude.
Aubrey O’Day recalls being slut-shamed for her personal style. Diddy “didn’t wanna sign Pamela Anderson.” He made brought up this critique again when fired her.
“I don’t like her energy, I don’t like her style and direction where she’s going with it, I don’t like what she does to the brand when she’s wilding out there being overly raunchy, promiscuous.”
Dawn Richard claims this behavior was “the power to prove, I own your career.”
It wasn’t even about that. It gave him an excuse. It was to let you know, This is my show, this is my s***, and I want to prove to you that it’s my s*** and I’m going to show you how much power I have over you by saying I’m going to control your lives. It’s so much bigger than that even though, you’re right, it was extremely sexist.
After Dawn split from Danity Kane and formed another group with Diddy and Kaleena Harper called Dirty Money, she realized that Puff wouldn’t stand up for her when it came to colorism. Record exec Jimmy Lovine asked Diddy why light-skinned girls weren’t chosen for his new group instead of these “ugly” ones. He made those remarks in front of both women and Diddy offered no support. Instead, he asked them to put on mini-skirts and straighten their hair. Lovine still expressed his dislike when they returned to the room with the new look. 
 No one fought for us, ever. We’ve only had to fight for ourselves. There was no one who was willing to say, “We have your back.”
– Dawn Richard

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