Gabbytane – “Problem”

Gabbytane - Problem

Gabbytane – Problem

Fast rising artist GABBYTANE debuts his anticipated single titled PROBLEM. Produced by vhortex and mixed and mastered by OLUMBA.

PROBLEM is an intellectual vibe that addresses the problems and issues in our society. Gabbytane took it upon himself to be the voice of the people.


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Things bad o
Me gat my man them know..
So me tell them what is the problem o,Badman eyes don close.
Cry say my man don go..

Badman say me hear the beat so me gat to vibe on.
Pass me the blunt so me I fit light one,
So much sweat and tears from the hood me come from.
Me see me mama smile something me fit bank on..
Why cry for the dead if you don’t know where them gone to,
Life is for the living,live your life until you gone too,
Mama cry why papy die what she wan do.
Now she’s all alone with for kids she gat to hustle .
Put food pon them table and she send her pikin go school,
Stay away from hard drugs she tell her pikin no do,
For years later na him corps them de bring through
Badman pop pills wey him brain no fit handle
Mama cry
Why (*4)
Why na my own pikin them come kpei
It’s way too early too say goodbye
Mami on d floor,
Screaming say my pikin don go.

Now what is the problem o
Badman eyes don close
Cry for the hood say my man don go
When we up in the yard
We light upon and splif and we look up to God..

So me I wan know
Tell me what a nigga 1 do
When police carry gun like say na them b Rambo
And if you show yourself omo say you go end o
Me tell them mi say
Money pon my mind
Everyday me day find
Young boy no fit look good when them see police them hide
Evil in disguise
Even the news gan sef de lie
Cause a young boy wey get motor wey 2 fresh is now a crime,
So pass the Marley pon dem left hand side
One drag now you feeling alright
No peace ina the land and war can’t never make it right
We scared to die young even tho we not living life
if popo de come (2)
Omo make you carry leg de run(carry leg de run)
Cause you know say them de carry gun(them de carry gun)
And you know police de kala gan(them de kala gan)
Before you go know.

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