I Have Always Loved Acting From A Young Age – BoomAfricaTV Interview With “Dayoslides”

B.ATV – Can we get to know a little about you, Who is Dayoslides ? Dayoslides is a Nigerian entertainer whose birth name is ‘Soledayo Adegbite’ born and bred in Lagos, but an Ondo boy by origin. I’m a theatre Art graduate from the Prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, hence my chosen career.

B.ATV – How did you come up with the name Dayoslides ? I used to play video games a lot while growing up, one game I was extremely good at was soccer and I was good at the sliding tackle. People started calling me slider, and as I grew hippie I switched it up to slides. ‘Dayoslides’ cos I wanted to maintain my birthname too


B.ATV – How did your parents & family feel about your decision to go into Acting professionally? Of course there would be a little hostility, but my parents have always been the liberal kind. They might want you to do what they think it’s best for you, but last last they would allow you do you. Because at the end of the day, it’s you that will face the challenges in your chosen field. So they gave me their blessings after a few confrontations God bless them for that.

B.ATV – Who were your influences growing up? And now,who do you see as an Idol in the game? Growing up, I used to love Will Smith a whole lot and I actually still do. He made me understand that you can act real good and still make music then. But now I have a whole lot of people I look up to both locally and internationally. I won’t really say I Idolize them. Of course I still love Will Smith, he’s still going strong at his age. Muyideen Oladapo gave me my first shot at professional acting and is still giving me guidelines, love him for that. JJCSKILLZ is someone I have come to love so much from his work ethics to his big brother personality. Funke Akindele is a great role model, she still works super hard despite her level of success.

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B.ATV – We noticed you’re also into music Do You write Your lyrics YourSelf Or You have GhostWriters Doing The Job For You? I write my lyrics myself because I also happen to be a pretty good songwriter too. Although sooner or later I would love to have other fantastic people write a couple for me or with me because music is art. Art thrives on creativity and creativity can be more beautiful when it’s a collaborative effort.


B.ATV – What’s your background, in relation to Acting? I have always loved acting from a young age, I acted in churches so it wasn’t so far-fetched when I decided to study Theatre in school in which I majored in Acting. So I think it’s safe to say it’s what I have been doing my whole life.

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B.ATV – Your relationship status? Private


B.ATV – Your female celebrity crush? Of course I have o! I love Kehinde Bankole so much, I haven’t had the chance to be on the same set with her, but once I do I’ll let her know. I remember watching her on tv, when I was a lot younger.

B.ATV – We really love your single, “Shayo” featuring Martinsfeelz. Tell us about this song. So I was in the studio with the producer Calis d Capenta, and Kobi, when Calis started making the beat. It sounded great and as usual when I hear a nice beat, I vibe on it immediately. When I made the vibe, Kobi was the first to call my attention to it that it sounded cool. So without wasting time, I recorded the hook that night and couldn’t come up with any tangible verse, so we just left it like that. JJCSKILLZ heard it days later and called me up that I needed to finish the song that it’s a great tune, so he called Topage to come engineer the recording and called Martins to come drop a verse, the four of us were in the studio all night recording, it was a fun night.

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B.ATV – What is or are your source of inspiration? God is my number one source. He gave me my talents and keeps me alive to harness it all. Then situations also inspire me to write, my environs also inspire and more recently, the instrumentals I listen to also inspire me.

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B.ATV – Has the internet; social media, Blogs and so on helped your career in any way? Of course, I have gotten a number of jobs from just putting some of my works out there on instagram and twitter. I have a number of friends I met online who have aided my growth in the industry. I don’t take the internet for granted.

B.ATV – Have you ever had any ‘crazy fan encounter so far’? I won’t say crazy, I would say real love encounter. A lovely woman once stopped me in the middle of the road shouting my name and hugging me, then she proceeded to ask me what will happen in the part two of a movie I once did. She didn’t let me go until I took pictures and videos greeting her kids via videos, it was real love and a humbling experience for me.

B.ATV – In conclusion, what would you like to add? Any shout to your fans out there? I would just like to say ‘Dayoslides’ is a growing brand, an entertainer who’s here to not just entertain everyone but to make you feel good about yourself. To my fan-mily, I love you all and I see the support, I am nothing without your support. Let’s support Dayoslides and make him a globally recognized name. God bless you all.

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