Nicki Minaj’s Barbz Accused Of Jumping Mariahlynn’s Mom, Encouraged “To Do Evil”

The fan army goes hard for their leader.

Nicki Minaj hasn’t been caught throwing hands yet, but some of those who are considered her rivals or haters have emerged with damage. The shoe-throwing incident during New York Fashion Week ended with Rah Ali allegedly injuring Cardi B, leaving her with a noticeable bump on her head as she exited the swanky event. Another scrap involved Mariahlynn, a rapper most known as part of the Love & Hip Hop franchise.
According to Mariahlynn, Nicki Minaj’s fan army is so dedicated to their queen that they have no issue attacking somebody’s mama to defend her honor. The reality television star uploaded a photo of what appears to be her mom suffering from the injuries being attributed to some of Nicki’s Barbz.
“Let’s not forget when they jumped my mom in the street after asking her if she was my mother, to send a message to me not to come for ‘The Queen.'” 
According to Marilynn’s IG stories, Nicki Minaj is at fault for enticing her fans to do “evil sh*t” in retaliation to those who speak ill of her. From the newbie’s perspective, Nicki Minaj should be acting differently as a “queen,”  showing love throughout the different stages of her career.

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